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Our customers include heavy construction companies, restaurants, major fast food chains, grocery stores , churches, specialty shops, hospitals, pharmacies, oil drilling companies,chemical companys,railroad companys , endangered wildlife preserves, police departments and city governments, public and private schools and self storage facilities. All our customers are references.

If you had a choice to purchase a video surveillance system from a company that’s licensed, insured, and recommended from someone you know or a respected business, would you chose another vendor?

Advanced Home And Business Systems is 100% responsible to perform excellent work. Combined with the ability to provide the expertise and superior products that our clients expect, we demand from ourselves the honesty, competence, and thoroughness that are required in an industry where legal issues may ultimately be at stake.

Just a few of the major features

The Advanced Digital Video Recorder (ADVR) Surveillance system is a reliable state-of-the-art technology that delivers the performance required for commercial and residential installations. It is installed in over 170,000+ locations worldwide. Coupled with expert installation, integration, and maintenance services from Advanced Home And Business Systems, the ADVR outperforms other surveillance systems while remaining affordable.

  • Real-time recording, from 30 frames per second (fps) to industry leading 1920 fps with the highest true 1024x768 and 720x480 display and 720 X 480 full screen recording resolution with built-in multiplexing, monitor output, two-way audio, networking and external device notification and control.
  • High resolution digital video enlargement of the live and captured images. Triple-zoom mode allows you to Zoom-in to the action LIVE. Or set a single or multiple cameras to auto-POP and the picture will pop-up in full screen automatically.
  • Change position/direction while zooming in to recorded images.
  • Our system offers 1024x768 display, 720x768 (PAL) and true 720X480 recording quality.
  • Capable of handling state-of-the-art hi-res camera’s

The ADVR is equipped to store/save 100’s of Gigabytes and multiple Terrabytes of video on the main system, but can be expanded to support up to 233 Terrabytes.

Based on motion and the length of each high resolution recording, the ADVR will provide approximately 30 days of recording. It all depends on the actually size of the saved images and the activity in the view of each camera. The benefit of the ADVR and the experienced Advanced team with regard to our customers, is that we evaluate each of their requirements and areas of concern, and have the experience to know how much data storage will be required. We even offer several online calulators to determine your storage requirements.

  • Specific events that you choose may be saved on to a single CDRW, DVD or our convenient storage shuttle which, if needed, can be swapped out and provided to the authorities within minutes.
  • When significant events occur, it’s not unusual for other video recorders to fail. At that point, the authorities will request to take the actual system to troubleshoot the problem. Our system is designed so you are not left with a dysfunctional system. The storage media is considered an integrated, yet separate storage component which can be “hot-swapped” and replaced with a new shuttle.
  • You have full control over the system, the network services, each camera, recording length, physical triggers, Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, video alerts and more.
  • Smart recording can be set on a per camera basis. This enables the full available recording speed to be allocated only to cameras that are actually recording at any particular time. In this way, you effectively take advantage of the maximum frames per second available on your system, therefore saving you money.

  • Digitally secure watermarking and encryption of captured images, required by law enforcement authorities, provide proven video playback authenticity. This puts you in the clear of potential legal debate when an actual event occurs and prosecution begins.
  • Our storage technology not only provides digital watermarking, but, if needed, up to military strength encryption. Whether it’s standard DES (Data Encryption Standard) 40/64-bit, TDES (Triple DES) 128/192-bit encryption/decryption with throughput of 1.1G bit/sec or higher.
  • Simultaneous audio and bi-directional audio comes with our video surveillance systems and gives you the ability to communicate from your remote location to the main location where the DVR is located.


  • Specifically define areas where recording should occur. This reduces the amount of video which must be reviewed at a later date It also radically decreases the amount of video data storage space required and optimizes the performance of your system.
  • Continuous recording mode option for scenarios requiring recording of subtle or slight movements which most DVRs can not capture.
  • Web-based remote surveillance makes connecting to your system simple. From 1 to 64 cameras can be viewed with the recording captured, utilizing this method.
  • Secure remote surveillance application with multiple levels of authentication is utilized for situations where Internet-based web viewing is potentially subject to hackers “hijacking” information.
  • Audible alerts can be played for each or any specific camera. Each camera may have a different sound effect. Effects can be added as you wish.
  • Trigger external devices including sirens and other physical alarm, door or gate entry to activate as needed.
  • Automatic emailing of video captures sent to your email address of choice. This is especially useful when you are away from the office and need subtle notification of an occurring event.
  • Video event alarms will trigger a phone call placed to you, with a specific message that you have recorded
  • Scheduled record times provides a wealth of tools to fine-tune your surveillance.
  • Email surveillance video clips to your email account automatically.
  • Point of sale terminal text insertion to include text from each transaction on your video images
  • Auto-picture POP-Up feature automatically POPS-UP a video camera location of your choice. This is similar to an AUTO-ZOOM capability. This is especially useful in entry areas or areas where any movement should get your attention
  • Secure and multi-authenticated password access for any number of individuals with specific managerial responsibility.
  • The ADVR system’s event list: displays 7 categories of event messages, including motion events, alarm events, subscriber login/logout history, and connection status. You may "Bookmark" a feature, which will allow you to highlight important events. Event list filters; a user-friendly event list search engine.
  • Twin-view with our central monitoring feature allows you to place the video monitoring on one screen and event logging on another screen.
  • Our Central monitoring application allows you to mix cameras at multiple locations on a single screen.
  • Software updates add new features to an already extensive product suite. These updates are automatically applied to those customers with our “green light” service.
  • Time is an important factor in the business lives of our clients. This is why we take the responsibility to work with our customers, in order to make sure they fully understand the system that we’ve designed for them. We also pay attention to concerns regarding specific problem areas. For example, when selecting a lens, we offer our experience and several guidelines with regard to camera angle, placement, and focal length.
  • Each ADVR comes with many significant features intended for growing businesses with long-term security needs. Some of the more advanced features include our Mirrored Server, Central Site Monitor and Central Dispatch which enable you to add more systems down the road. The ADVR, the flexible video display and data logging capabilities ensure that this system will not become obsolete as will hardware standalone DVR’s.
  • Along with our video surveillance expertise, we are certified experts in telecommunications and networking. Our worldwide experience is exemplified by the fact that we’ve worked for the most prestigious fortune 100 companies in the world.

Service is important

We have a long and successful history, both as founding technologists and also as engineers in multimedia technologies over telecommunications infrastructure. In working with literally thousands of businesses around the world, If you are interested in making sure that your video surveillance system is professionally serviced and maintained, we are able to provide the necessary services to take care of it for you, including the adjustment of your cameras, potential issues which may arise after warranties are over, as well as upgrades to the system that you might request.

Robust software and hardware

  • Simultaneous display and recording of 4, 8,16,24,48,64 channels
  • High-performance “real time ” video up to 1920 frames per second
  • Connect to multiple remote surveillance systems with a single user interface
  • Recorded frame count setup by channel
  • Recording of detected motion by channel and adjustment of motion sensitivity
  • Easy setup and release of detection area
  • Event Recording/Schedule Recording/Motion Detection Recording
  • User friendly search environment
  • Searching for recorded images by camera, by channel and by date
  • Software zoom for display and searched images
  • Printing and saving images to floppy disk
  • Camera control with one touch graphic user interface
  • Bright and contrast setup by channel
  • Recorded data volume display
  • Auto overwriting
  • 8-port sensor input and 8-port digital output
  • DVR setting optimized for user environment

Stable Operation & Remote Connectivity

  • Remote network support over your existing network connection, whether DSL, ISDN, T1 or higher, we deal with all telecommunications technologies and can provide you with a network connection if you don’t have one.
  • Real-time image search, recorded image search and camera control from the remote system
  • User ID and password registration for security
  • Remote image printing and saving to floppy disks
  • Various screen options of 1, 4, 6, 8, 16, 24, 48, 64 channels.

User Friendly Interface

  • Easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Beginner level function operation
  • DVR function setup for user environment
  • Easy-to-view recorded image detection slide
  • One-click-control camera pan/tilt and zoom in/out
    Proven Stability
  • Over 170,000 systems installed.
  • System stability proven through field tests and installation at home and abroad
  • Watch Dog function to allow auto rebooting for system faults
  • Auto rebooting depending on the power supply status
  • Maximized data stability and recording efficiency with DB architecture adopted
    Simple Backup
  • Data backup via printing, floppy disk, hard disk, removable hard disk and DVD
  • Selective data backup
  • Simple operation for data backup
    Superior Core Technology
  • Multiple Image compression algorithms to increase the visual quality of each picture while keeping size to a minimum· High-speed image capture and recording up to industry leading 1920 fps display, 1920 fps recording
  • Optimized DVR hardware and software device driver
  • Image transmission over various networks (PSTN or LAN)
  • Video Camera Inputs Supporting 4,8,16 or up to 64cameras in a single chassis
  • Audio Input 1 to 64 channel
  • Recording Rate 30 up to 1920 fps NTSC/PAL
  • Display Rate 30fps up to 1920 fps NTSC/PAL
  • Compression Format Wavelet, Mpeg-4, Enhanced MPEG
  • Video Format Avi (Windows Standard)
  • Image Format bmp, jpeg and tif
  • Networking/Remote access LAN, TCP/IP, ISDN, PSTN, xDSL
  • Backup Function CD-RW standard Optional: DVD, Data Shuttle, HDD, MO, ZIP
  • HDD Sizes From 160 Gigabytes to multiple Terrabytes
  • Redundancy Optional Up to 3 Terrabytes
  • Backup Built-in proprietary software/hardware watchdog
  • System Security Password Access, cable mount and key lock
  • Optional system security Locked Metal Fabricated Cabinet

Which Model’s For You?

Making the right choice for video surveillance is critical. Your investment isn’t necessarily in terms of the amount of money you’re spending, but the life you are saving, the criminal you are catching and the money you are saving.
Typically it takes at least two times for a significant theft, horrible accident, rape or other criminal activity to occur before someone thinks about alarm systems or even better - video surveillance. Alarms may deter some criminals, but pictures can last a lifetime and safe a person’s life or put a criminal in jail.

To determine which DVR makes most sense for your application we consider that first, when we look at TV, our televisions has 350 lines of resolution vs. computers which have 640, 768, 1024 and higher lines of resolution. The ADVR is capable of supporting recording video from the cameras at up to 720 lines of resolution each, the highest quality in the industry. The next concern is frames per second, or FPS. This is the amount of information capable of being received and stored on the DVR from the camera each second. Banks, for example, typically require 4 frames per second per camera. Ours can do much better.

The new AHB-REAL surveillance system puts all others to shame with it’s 1920 FPS rating. From 4-64 Port , There simply is no other product that performs as better.

The new AHB-HIRES surveillance system puts the in a category by itself, with display and recording rates of 120 frames per second, it’s simply unbeatable given the quality and performance of this long-standing product line.

The AHB-2000 surveillance system brings you the utmost digital video quality and performance by offering a afordable salution at a afordable pric

we have over 50 different models and configurations available, call for info.

Finely tuned AHB'S

The AHB products are finely tuned systems which optimize CCTV video streams through the industries leading video surveillance capture technology. The performance of these systems is unparalleled and provides for optimal picture frame rates and picture quality required for casual and professional viewing of critical events.

Each AHB is built with the fastest, yet economical processors, memory and graphics display possible. Once an event is captured it’s stored onto hard media and unlike VHS-based tape systems, the actual storage space is optimized daily and video events are over-written based on a professionally set interval which means there is no rewinding necessary and video surveillance continues constantly 24 hours per day.

Additional capabilities including network and sound are built into every system. More features may be added or changed as necessary to suit your needs.



Remote Playback and Monitoring
Our ADVR-Series is a true network surveillance system. We offer a wide range of solution for remote playback and monitoring. Captured images or videos can be easily distributed to any remote locations thru LAN/WAN environment or Internet connection.

Smart Recording Technology
The ADVR's Smart Recording Technology, automatically distribute frame rates will to the camera that needed the most basing on alarm or motion detection. Allowing more efficient way to utilize your DVR resources.

Build-in motion detection
The ADVR-Series' motion detector can be configured individually for each camera. Sensitivity and masking area can be adjusted separately according to the environmental condition. Thus providing a reliable and accurate detection.

Embedded PTZ palette
PTZ-capable cameras can be controlled directly from the Geovision surveillance system or any Geovision remote view workstation. Intuitive control of movement is available via the embedded control panel on the video display window.

Digital Watermark
The Digital watermark will check whether the image is originally captured from the ADVR system or not. If the captured image has been alter or modified in any way, then the software will indicate that the image has been damaged and it will no longer be used as a legitimate evident.

Audio Recording
With the addition of audio recording, you are now able to record and playback both audio and video at the same time. Which gives you a more precise picture of the captured event.

Major Features

  • The highest rating at 1024 x 768 display and 720 x 480 recording resolution
  • Mpeg 4, Enhanced MPEG 4 and Wavelet compression technology, H264
  • Motion detection, around the clock, and pre-schedule recording mode
  • Alarm to E-mail (Jpeg or text message)
  • Embedded I/O devices control
  • Embedded PTZ control panel
  • Build-in web server
  • Digital watermark authentication
  • Hardware watchdog features
  • Multi level passwords protection
  • Full screen display
  • Support dynamic IP address
  • Video lost detection
  • Support dual screen display
  • Recording Mode
  • Motion detection recording
  • Around the clock recording
  • Pre-schedule recording
  • Post alarm recording
  • Camera Configuration
  • Independent video brightness and contrast control
  • Selectable motion detection sensitivity and masking area for each camera.
  • Independent recording quality and frame rate adjustment.

    Remote Monitoring Software
    Remote View
  • Internet Access with standard web browser
  • Connection to multiple or any number of cameras and play, record, save etc.
  • Specific non-web based applications for additional privacy
  • Playback, Record and Archived
  • Central Reporting Station Configuration for centralized administration
  • Network, Internet or wireless connected WinCE PDA support

    POS Integration
  • Text Insertion should be a standard implementation for any store owner. More items go un-rung that can be counted for by any other method than the combination of surveillance methods including text insertion. Every transaction appears on the same recorded video screen as the camera pointed at the register and it’s cashier.
  • Superimpose transaction data on the recording image
  • Search video files based on POS transaction
  • Use transaction keywords as search parameters
  • Record both live video and POS transaction data
  • Database managed POS transaction log
  • Powerful search engine to retrieve specific video clip based on POS transaction log or item code
  • Provide evidence for fraud or unintended operational error by recorded video and transaction log
  • Comparing transaction data to video for identifyingfraud or unintended operations

    You may now integrate your POS system.


External Device/Alarm Control

The AHB-IO card is a 8 point digital input and 16 point digital output controller. The dry relay contacts provide an interface to your external devices such as sensors or detectors.
INPUT Input 8
Input Signal 0-5 V DC (floating)
High State 5V
Low State 0V
Wiring Label GND, DI 1~DI 8
OUTPUT Output 16
Output Circuit TTL Open Collect
Wiring Label +5V-1, DO 1-1 ~ DO 8-1
+5V-2, DO1-2 ~ DO 8-2
Communication RS485, 9600 bps
RS-485+ Connect to ADVR-GV-NET RS-485+
RS-485- Connect to ADVR-GV-NET RS-485-
DC IN Power Adapter DC 5V, 2A Inner Positive
Environmental Condition Operation temperature 0~50 degree C
Humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Dimension 202(W) x 166(H) x 39(D) mm

Central Monitoring Station

Our Central Monitoring Station (CMS) can be deployed immediately because it brings multiple AHB systems together into an integrated interface, allowing the operator to manage several systems from one point of control. The fundamental function of CMS is to attach video evidence with any alerts being sent to the CMS, which helps the remote-end operator to determine nature of the alarm.

Central Monitoring Features

- Monitors up to 64 video channels
- Real-time audio monitoring
- Real-time I/O monitoring
- Two-way audio communication
- Remote PTZ control
- Remote I/O control
- Automatically popup live video when subscriber site's motion detection or alarm

Event List Features

- Displays 7 categories of event messages, including motion events, alarm events, subscriber login/logout history, connection status, and etc...
- "Bookmark" feature, allow user to highlight important events
- Event list filters; an user-friendly event list search engine

Recording Features

- Auto record video events to local hard disk
- Pre-alarm and post-alarm recording
- Receive video attachment along with each event
- HDD recycle feature, allowing non-stop recording


If you need more information you may email us at, call us at (330)549-0174

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