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Our popular manufacturers

We not only offer high quality products, we work with you to create your solution. We've completed projects in practically every industry and those customers continue to utilize our resources and purchase our products. We offer many brands of digital video surveillance and security devices, cameras, infrared, pan-tilt-zoom, switches, matrix, processors, fiber transmitters and receivers, access control and network components and all for the purpose of matching our customers requirements and budget.

Kantech AccessControl - AHB designs access control systems that work righ the first time!

  • A complete portfolio of easy-to-use, scalable access control solutions.
  • Door Controllers - With distributed user access databases, these door controllers meet the highest access control standards, even in stand-alone mode.
  • A full range of readers & keypads, including Kantech's innovative ioProx series offering eXtended Secure Format.
  • From exit detectors to magnetic locking devices, you'll find everything you need to complete your access control system.

Extreme CCTV Mechanical Filter DAY/Night cameras for the best quality pictures no matter if it's day or night!

  • Video surveillance with the Extreme products means excellent quality, performance and reliability - something you may not be getting from other brand names.
  • Photocell-controlled filtering technique eliminates issues including focus shift and IR bleed.
  • Outstanding spectral response in visible and near infrared regions
  • Excellent anti-blooming characteristics

Pelco Fiber Transmitter and Receiver for high quality video surveillance requirements. Four-channels of video are digitally encoded with this kit.

  • 8-Bit Digitally Encoded Video
  • Multimode Fiber Support for Distances up to 2 km
  • Single-Mode Fiber Support for Distances up to 30 km
  • Ask about the our ability to not only encode video, but audio as well.

Biometric, attached and access card-based Access Control

Securing your facility means more than just controlling access. It's knowing where people are and when they come and go. The AXCESS ActiveTag™ System combines access control with the ability to automatically monitor the movements of people throughout your facility.

Digital Spread-Spectrum Wireless Solution for Pan-Tilt-Zoom

  • Control PTZ cameras wirelessly
  • 12 miles line-of-sight
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint camera control
  • RS232/485/422 compatible
  • 1200 bps to 57.6 kbps user-selectable data rate
  • Rugged all-weather construction.

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Our notable manufactures: Aiphone, Alarm Products, American Dynamics, AMP, Amseco, APW, ATV, Avrak, Axcess Inc., Bosch, Channel Vision, Computar, Dedicated Micros, DSC, Digimerge, Extreme CCTV, Ganz, GE Interlogix, GEM, GRI, IEI, Image Vault, JVC, Kantech, KeriSystems, Louroe Electronics, Lexicon Controllers, MicroTek, NVT, Optex, Panasonic, Pelco, Pentax, Philips Remotes, RCI, Runco Projectors, Samsung, Sanyo, Sentex, Sony, Speco Technologies, STI, Stewart Screens, Street Smart, Tane Universal Remote, Toshiba, TotalSecure, VideoComm Technologies, Viscount, Visonic Ltd.

If you need more information you may email us at or call us at (330)549-0174

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